Some developers are using ‘frameworks’ with their plugins. It might sound like a good idea, however it is not. Most of the frameworks currently available are buggy and useless. In this article I will discuss a little bit about the horrible frameworks in elgg.

Liang Lee Useless Framework

One of the most useless and pointless frameworks in the elgg community is the Liang Lee Framework. It is being used in all of Liang Lee plugins, even the smallest ones. His plugins are far from being useful, and not only that, some of Liang Lee plugins are a copy of already existing plugins, with the only difference that his plugins “requires” the Liang Lee Framework.

Frameworks are not useful. If something goes wrong with the framework, all the plugins depending of such framework will crash and you will have to wait for a new version of the framework. That’s not really useful, and compromises elgg. In addition to that, if the developer abandons the plugins (i.e. Phloor Framework) it makes more difficult to revive the plugin. I’ve been trying to make some of the Phloor Framework dependent plugins independent but I failed because of the mess that is such framework.

If you want to develop an elgg add-on, remember to never make a Framework. Stand-alone plugins are easy to support, easy to maintain and easy for others to enhance it.


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  • Shouvik Mukherjee

    I agree with you. I don’t think these frameworks are not of much need. Of course, there are exceptions like Hype Framework etc.

    And, although I agree with you on Lee’s framework and the comments you made, I felt it could be a bit … subtle. 😉

    • rjcalifornia

      Thanks! Of course Ismayil and the Hype Framework is the exception, since it does a lot of things. I could have been subtle but I’ve been subtle for so long back @ the elgg community 😉

  • Steve Aquila

    I am not a fan of frameworks though I am using Hype Frameworks for one of my sites. Ismayil’s programing works flawlessly but there was extensive testing that was performed by myself among others before he got it right. I didn’t see Lee do the kind work that was put into the Hype products.

    That being said, It was very hard to fix display problems that cropped up. It was hide and seek to find the problem, was it the core, was it the plugin, was it another plugin interfering, or was it the framework? In my case it was the hype plugin and the framework combined, had to adjust both to get the desired result. Not something that a novice would like to experience.

    elgg is a weird beast, as it forces you to learn programing as opposed to WordPress. Also there is no method to find creditable plugins. elgg does not police plugins, and they should. The Developers are the support system but there is no incentive for them as there is no commercialization of elgg allowed. This lack of commercialization causes negativity between the newbies and the developer. I think if they allowed to post on a help topic “I can help you with your problem, PM me and I will give you a quote” That statement allows the client to ignore the commercial help in hopes another member will reply to their question or reply to the Developer in a PM and shop for the best price and timeframe. My 2 cents and slightly off topic!

    • admin

      We need some sort of commercialization. Take a look at the wordpress showcase and take a look at elgg’s showcase. Elgg showcase is very very basic. There seems to be lack of interest in making things a little bit shiny back at the elgg community.

      There’s no good developer support, no protection for developers.Right now, elgg is not as attractive as OxWall or SocialEngine.

  • Blake

    Why you worry about frameworks ? specially liang framework. He released his framework under gpl and if you don’t like his plugins don’t use it i am personally using hypeframework and liangframework.
    but my website is working fast and these frameworks not affecting my website.

    • rjcalifornia

      Liang Lee Framework is bad. It is not useful at all.

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