Pigo aims to be an e-learning system based on Elgg, the Social Networking Open Source Platform.

The goal is to make a lightweight, fast and robust e-learning system that will be affordable for schools and colleges. We want to offer a self hosted e-learning platform. Most of the e-learning platforms require to be hosted at the company’s servers, which is a serious privacy issue. PiGo will not be like that. PiGo will be very easy to deploy, configure and edit (If you ever need to change something in PiGo)

Background History

Back in 2006, I was in college, doing a quiz. I was a freshman, and I had to do that quiz online, using BlackBoard. Most of the people don’t care what they used for the quiz but I did. BlackBoard was based on Java, so was heavy, very heavy on the computer. Not only that, it wasn’t Linux friendly. It was very slow and not quite there yet. Still was one of the most widely used elearning systems. Since then, I had a dream of making a BlackBoard Competitor, better, faster and of course affordable for schools and colleges.

Now in 2012, I see that dream close. Not quite there but pretty close. Elgg already offers some of the features needed on a elearning platform. Even better, the layout of elgg 1.8 feels like BlackBoard back then.

PiGo + Elgg

PiGo will use elgg. Elgg is very flexible, and it already comes with many features out of the box. However, the plan is make a heavily custom elgg ‘fork’, which will no longer be elgg, but PiGo.

PiGo is in development, we have been working fast for the last couple of months. It will be available, soon.

Pigo will have many features, such as:

-Online Quiz (Timed/Not Timed) with Instant Grading

-Online Tests (Timed/Not Timed) with Instant Grading

-Online Courses

-Course Chat

-Students Chat

-Private Messaging

-Personal Profile

-Custom Color Style

-Full Ajax Support

-GPA (If available)

-Course Grading


-Homeworks Notifications

-Quiz Notifications

-Test Notifications

-Final Grading Notifications

-The Lounge (Teacher’s Dashboard Administration for managing courses, tests, etc)

-Emerging Countries Friendly (Multiple OS Support and Fast for better compatiblity with low power computers)


PiGo Student Dashboard

Pigo Student | Reading a Word Document

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  • WypełNianie pit online

    Do you haѵе any video of that?
    I’d like to find out some additional information.

  • Linus

    I would love to know more about this project. Would it be possible to get some more information about the development progress?

    • rjcalifornia

      Sure, we are in still developing tests modules, soon we will be showing a working demo for you to use.

      • leigh

        quite interested to see the working demo. any eta on that? thanks!

  • Jim Heil

    I’d love to get updates on this when they are available.

  • Jon Dron

    This is very interesting! Alas, the demo site would not let me in with demo user.
    Are there plugins available for the various bits of functionality, such as quizzes, grading, etc?

    • rjcalifornia

      Hi Jon Dron!

      PiGo has Quizzes, Grading, Module and also roles for students and teachers!

      Sorry about that, we are deploying a new one. The one you tried to access is on a Windows Server and we are currently adding optimizations that’s why you can’t access yet.

      We will release a new press release about PiGo next Week!!!

  • imad

    Do you have a demo to see your very exciting project ?

  • rjcalifornia

    we do now!


    username: demouser
    password: demopassword

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